Florida Grand Opera - Le nozze di Figaro

“El astuto Fígaro de Calvin Griffin y el mujeriego y sinvergüenza Almaviva de Jonathan Michie, estas magníficas voces le garantizarían el éxito a la producción.”

“The shrewd Figaro of Calvin Griffin and the womanizing scoundrel Almaviva of Jonathan Michie, these magnificent voices would guarantee the production’s success.”

EL NUEVO HERALD - Daniel Fernández

“Jonathan Michie’s booming baritone was deployed with subtlety and he played the jealous and hypocritical nobleman to the hilt. At the conclusion as Mozart’s music reaches the sublime with “Contessa perdono,” the Count’s plea for forgiveness, Michie was fully up to the task.”


“Baritone Jonathan Michie is absolutely villainous as the Count, the narcissist who doesn’t understand nor care to consider others in his actions. Michie finds the balance between buffo and drama, especially in the Count’s introspective aria Vedrò, mentr’io sospiro that opens Act III.”


Oper Leipzig - Cinq-Mars

"On remarque le jeune Jonathan Michie... en plus d’un baryton présent et nuancé, son Conseiller de Thou affiche la meilleure diction française de la soirée."

"Of note is the young Jonathan Michie... in addition to a present and nuanced baritone, his Conseiller de Thou displays the best French diction of the evening."

ANACLASE - Katy Oberlé

"Ihm zur seite kämpft für Freiheit und Recht, wie es sich gehört, ein kraftvoll-sonorer Bariton-Freund: DeThou, großartig gesungen von Jonathan Michie."

"By his side fights for freedom and justice, as it should be, a powerfully sonorous baritone friend: DeThou, superbly sung by Jonathan Michie."


"Jonathan Michie gave us a handsomely sung, clean-toned De Thou"

BACHTRACK - Hugo Shirley

"Amongst the supporting men, Jonathan Michie as Conseiller de Thou impressed the most. Always caring and forewarning towards his best friend Henri. In Act I, he particularly charmed in his bromance, although some of their funny French shenanigans were lost in translation. Later Michie demonstrated his vulnerability in his protection over Cinq Mars, before his friend’s tragic ending."

OPERA TODAY - David Pinedo


LA Opera - The Magic Flute

"As Papageno, Jonathan Michie offered an appealing dramatic impersonation that was both amusing and touching. Whether bragging, longing for a lover or merely calling for a good meal, Michie’s irrepressible bird catcher offered delightful comedy that always held the audience’s interest. Watching him made the audience understand why Emanuel Schikaneder, the librettist, wrote the role for himself."

OPERA TODAY - Maria Nockin

"Jonathan Michie's strong baritone created an unusually virile Papageno."


"Jonathan Michie, with his pliant baritone and comedic timing, carried off the Buster Keaton-style antics of Papageno with gusto."


"Baritone Jonathan Michie sang lustily and musically as the lovable birdcatcher Papageno."



Oper Leipzig - La Cenerentola

"Für all diejenigen, die gerne unterhalten werden möchten, ist diese Cenerentola optimal. Vor allem dann, wenn Giulio Mastrototaro als schrulliger Don Magnifico mit Rampensaupotenzial und Jonathan Michie als grotesk aufgeblähter Diener Dandini angesagt sind."

"For all those who wish to be entertained, this 'Cenerentola' is optimal.  Most particularly, if Giulio Mastrototaro as a quirky Don Magnifico with show-stopping potential and Jonathan Michie as a grotesquely inflated servant Dandini are performing."

OPERN-KRITIK.DE - Florian Amort


Oper Leipzig/Teatro Comunale di Bolzano - Faust

"Jonathan Michie made a dapper Valentin with a solid, slightly gritty baritone which gained in freedom during the course of the evening; he gave of his best in the scene after his return from war."


"E lo dimostra Valentine che muore, nella magnifica interpretazione del giovane baritono Jonathan Michie, di fronte a un campo già colmo di salme."

" And it shows as Valentine dies, in the magnificent portrayal of the young baritone Jonathan Michie, in front of a field already filled with corpses."

IL CORRIERE MUSICALE - Veronica Pederzolli

"Jonathan Michie, nel ruolo di Valentine, è baritono davvero interessante e dotato."

"Jonathan Michie, in the role of Valentin, is a truly interesting and gifted baritone."

TEATRI ONLINE - Luca Benvenuti

"Mit Jonathan Michie's (Valentin) jugendhaftem Bariton offenbart sich ein immens ausdrucksstarker, unangestrengter und voller Klangkörper."

"Jonathan Michie's (Valentin) youthful baritone reveals an immensely expressive, effortless and full-bodied sound."

OPERA POINT - Andreas Gerth

"Jonathan Michie gibt den Valentin mit großem Ausdruck und noch jugendlichem Bariton und Spiel. Berührend sein Tod und die Verfluchung seiner Schwester, aber auch seine Scheidearie im ersten Aufzug lässt aufhorchen."

" Jonathan Michie portrays Valentin with great expression and still youthful baritone and acting.  Touchingly heard are not only his death and the cursing of his sister, but also his farewell aria in the first act."

OPERNNETZ.DE - Andreas H. Hölscher


Florida Grand Opera - Die Zauberflöte

"Jonathan Michie triumphed as a hilarious Papageno, displaying the best voice of the evening."

OPERA NEWS - Jean-Francois Lejeune

"Much the most memorable was that of Papageno, sung and acted here by the American baritone Jonathan G. Michie, whom I’ve seen and admired in several other FGO productions... Michie was marvelous, a delightful Papageno from his first appearance who did what every good comic needs to do, and that’s seize the audience’s attention every second the spotlight is on him.  He is also a fine and distinctive singer, with a strong, clear voice that has just the right flexibility to be able to go from tomfoolery to poignancy persuasively. His Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen was lovely, and his voice in the Bei männern duet with Pamina blended attractively with hers. He also understands how not to overdo things... Michie made it work, and work well.”


“In the role of Tamino’s bird catching sidekick, Papageno, baritone Jonathan G. Michie delivers a hilariously engaging, tour de force comedic performance, wresting laugh after laugh from director Buchman’s wry asides and loony antics, while singing authoritatively throughout.”

MIAMI SUN POST - Tony Guzman

“As Tamino’s sidekick, the not-all-that-brave, not-all-that-bright bird catcher Papageno, Jonathan G. Michie inspired genuine laughter from the audience... But there was nothing oafish about Michie’s voice, and Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja—sung as he tries to net a giant bird—came off with rustic humor and vocal refinement, with Michie’s rich, sustained baritone and easy phrasing giving a convincing portrait of the amiable bird catcher.”

THE MIAMI HERALD - David Fleshler


Florida Grand Opera - Roméo et Juliette

"All other roles were very well cast, with special mention earned by the brilliant Mercutio of Jonathan Michie..."

OPERA NEWS - Jean-Francois Le Jeune

"Jonathan Michie showed once again that Mercutio can easily walk away with the opera and his ovation at curtain time proved he did."


"The rest of the principals bring the expected strong vocal talent but also unexpected acting skill: the most striking impression came from baritone Jonathan G. Michie as the hot-blooded Mercutio."

SUN-SENTINEL - Bill Hirschman

Chicago Opera Theater - The Life and Death(s) of Alan Turing

“This one-night concert performance was the culmination of a weeklong workshop, and there’s no doubt some fine-tuning to come (the second act needs trimming), but it was a revelatory evening, worthy of the man who invented the modern computer and facilitated the Allied victory in World War II by breaking the German military’s secret code—only to be prosecuted and chemically castrated by British authorities for homosexual activity, which was then illegal and heavily policed. Baritone Jonathan Michie was outstanding as Turing, the half-dozen singers in featured roles all turned in top-notch performances, and Chen’s terrific score made inventive use of Northwestern University’s Bienen Contemporary and Early Vocal Ensemble as chorus. COT music director Lidiya Yankovskaya conducted.”

CHICAGO READER - Deanna Isaacs

Oper Leipzig - Rusalka

"Jonathan Michie gibt einen erstklassigen Heger."

"Jonathan Michie gives a first class Gamekeeper."


"Jonathan Michie ist ein glaubhafter und stimmschön gestaltender Heger."

"Jonathan Michie is a believable and beautifully voiced Gamekeeper."

OPER AKTUELL - Kaspar Sannemann


American Lyric Theater - The Life and Death(s) of Alan Turing

"Baritone Jonathan Michie sang the lead role and demonstrated clear mastery of its dramatic elements. Michie sang with an expressive voice that easily convinced the audience of the explosive and complicated emotions contained within the role."

TUXEDO REVOLT - John-Morgan Bush


Oper Leipzig - Der Freischütz

"Jonathan Michie zeigt als Ottokar charaktervollen Klang und prägnante Gestik."

"Jonathan Michie demonstrates as Ottokar characterful tone and incisive gestures."

KLASSIK.COM - Theo Hoflich

"Jürgen Kurth and Jonathan Michie offered intelligent, verbally acute performances as Kuno and Ottokar."



Oper Leipzig - Turandot

"In a quick-witted, amusing trio of ministers, it was Jonathan Michie’s Ping that stood out for his vivid acting and virile baritone."

BACHTRACK - Hugo Shirley

"Stimmlich beeindruckt besonders Jonathan Michie als Ping mit seinem herrischen und klangvollen Bariton"

"Particularly vocally impressive was Jonathan Michie as Ping with his authoritative and sonorous baritone."

KLASSIK.COM - Theo Hoflich


Oper Leipzig - Trouble in Tahiti

"Mit Porto und Michie sind Dinah und Sam... perfekt besetzt.  Als Sänger laden die beiden Bernsteins geschmeidigen Deklamations-Stil mit vokaler Kraft auf, Michies prachtvoller, markant metallischer Bariton und Portos üppiger, warmer, sinnlicher Sopran balancieren mit blitzsauberer Artikulation gekonnt zwischen großer Emphase und zänkischem Plauderton."

"With Porto and Michie, Dinah and Sam are perfectly cast. As singers the two treat Bernstein's supple, declamatory style with vocal strength; Michie's glorious, strikingly metallic baritone and Porto's lush, warm, sensual soprano balance skillfully and with flawless articulation between broad, emphatic phrases and quarrelsome conversation."



Ravinia Festival - Don Giovanni

"The peasant couple, Zerlina and Masetto, was engagingly taken by the Chicago-born Ailyn Perez and American baritone Jonathan Michie... you could well appreciate why Michie's sturdily sung, boyish-looking Masetto was loath to allow his betrothed anywhere near the libidinous don."

CHICAGO TRIBUNE - John von Rhein

"Baritone Jonathan Michie made a delightful Masetto"


"Jonathan Michie played Masetto to the hilt, getting us to the edge of our seats as we try to prevent him from succumbing to the Don and Leporello"



Oper Leipzig - Pagliacci

"Als Silvio... er strahlt jugendliche Frische und Unbekümmertheit aus.  Passend dazu setzt er seine schöne und geschmeidig geführte Stimme ein."

"As Silvio... he radiates youthful freshness and insouciance. Matching this he guides his beautiful and supple voice."

DER NEUE MERKER - Christoph Suhre


LA Opera - Il barbiere di Siviglia

"The delightfully oddball Jonathan Michie managed to make the usually inconspicuous Fiorello into a major presence in the early stages of the performance"

OPERA NEWS - Simon Williams


The Santa Fe Opera - La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein

"First among these are bass-baritone Kevin Burdette as General Boum and baritone Jonathan Michie as Prince Paul, who combined glorious singing, resonant voices, and crystalline diction with exuberant physical interpretations... Michie seemed at all times to be made out of elastic."

GB OPERA - William V. Madison

"Jonathan Michie delivers a standout performance as Prince Paul. Michie is a silly, creepy Prince, with an expressive face and a gift for physical comedy. His voice has a mellow richness along with nice flexibility."

LOS ALAMOS MONITOR - Melissa Riedel-Espinosa


LA Opera - Billy Budd

"Jonathan Michie was a charismatic, vocally distinguished Donald."

BACHTRACK - Matthew Richard Martinez

"Jonathan Michie made a fine impression in the role of Donald."

OPERA WARHORSES - William Burnett


LA Opera - Albert Herring

"Jonathan Michie, who was an utterly foolish and feckless Vicar in Santa Fe, repeated the role with even greater accomplishment in L.A."

OPERA NEWS - Simon Williams


Merola Opera - Il barbiere di Siviglia

"Good singers are one thing, and the Merola Opera Program attracts plenty of them each summer. But then there are the true musical and theatrical supernovas - the kind who come onstage, open their mouths and defy you not to hang on their every note.  To judge from Thursday night's performance of Rossini's "Barber of Seville" in Herbst Theatre, Jonathan Michie is one of those.  Michie... took the title role of Figaro and turned it into a vehicle for both vocal mastery and theatrical panache. His singing was fluid, precise and full of burnished colors, and he brought a seemingly effortless charisma to everything he did."


"First and foremost was baritone Jonathan Michie whose perfectly enunciated “Batter my heart” from Adams’ Dr. Atomic seized us with its gorgeous, commanding tone and emotional directness. Michie seemed to be working hard just two weeks earlier, when his hilarious Figaro in Merola’s first cast Barbiere di Siviglia won over his audience with its physical as well as vocal flexibility. With this performance, he signaled that he is both a complete artist and a natural stage animal."